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Top 5 Flying Logos



Flying logos are popular for business logos. The logos that are created with this style are accessible for both offline and online usage. While designing a flying logo, it is essential to ensure that the font is easily readable for your target audience. Serif font families are good choices for logo fonts. It is also recommended to write the logo name in upper-case. To make logo creation easy, you can use an intelligent online logo creator like EaseUS Logo Maker. This tool comes with a variety of professionally-designed logo templates.
Golden lotus

The golden lotus flying logo was introduced by the Vietnam Airlines in 2002. Although the logo is quite simple, it has achieved a legendary status in Vietnam. The logo has a unique design that combines an age-old symbol with a modern twist, and shows how a traditional symbol can be revived in a modern context.

The flying logo can be obtained from various sources, including the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and the Golden Lotus. Players level up at the Temple of the White Tiger, which unlocks a quest to go to the Vale. As the player level increases, more daily hubs will appear.
Kangaroo symbol

Kangaroos are a strong marsupial, and they have a reputation for being a good representation of Australian businesses. Though they are not as common as some other animals, kangaroo logos are popular, and almost every Australian organization has one. These logos often have cartoonish, futuristic designs.

Originally, the kangaroo symbol was taken from an Australian one-penny coin, and the Qantas airline used it for their logo. In the 1980s, the logo was modified to make it look more streamlined.

A Peacock flying logo can be a symbol for many companies and organizations. Peacocks are often associated with NBC. The logo was first introduced in the 60th anniversary celebration TV special of NBC and featured the iconic crested bird’s head flipped to the right, in an attempt to suggest that the peacock was looking forward rather than backwards.

The Peacock flying logo was introduced to the public in May 1986, and was used by many NBC affiliates, including WNBC-TV in New York, KNBC-TV in Los Angeles, WMAQ-TV in Chicago, and KCNC-TV in Denver. This new logo replaced the original “Proud N” logo, which had been used on the network’s broadcasts since 1979. However, NBC retained its old “Proud N” logo for movies and mini-series presentations.

If you want to use the idea of angels in your logo design, you may want to think of using a Vector Angel Flying logo. This type of logo is easily customizable with a vector design program, and is available in a wide variety of formats. You can get individual icons as well as icon packs, and you can choose the colors and shapes that work best with your brand identity.

The harp is a traditional Irish instrument that is often surmounted by a crown. The harp has become a popular heraldic symbol that serves as a symbol of allegiance. In fact, Elizabeth I adopted the harp as her second Great Seal in 1586. The harp also appears on coins issued by the Lordship of Ireland during the Tudor period. It is also found on cap badges of the Royal Irish Constabulary and the Royal Ulster Constabulary. In addition, it is found on the cap badge of the Royal Irish Regiment of the British Army.

Ireland’s flag also features the harp. The national flag of Ireland contains a gold harp with silver strings. It is blazoned with the country’s coat of arms.

Whether you’re a sports team, company, or a business owner, you can choose a Phoenix flying logo as your brand’s logo. The symbol represents energy and strength. Phoenix logos are also versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Listed below are several ways to use this symbol.

A Phoenix flying logo is a great choice for a modern, simple design. It features a stylized, light-red shape.

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