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The Old Cannery Furniture Store



The Old Cannery is more than a furniture store, but also a place to hang out with your family. The store is famous for its animated trains, animatronics, and community events, making it a great place for families with children. In fact, the store was designed with kids in mind. Its CEO, Dave Radcliff, has been with the store since the early 2000s.
Traditions of the old cannery

The Old Cannery is known for its quality home furnishings, miniature train displays, and delicious fudge. This family-friendly place is a perfect holiday destination for the entire family. After Thanksgiving, the Old Cannery transforms into a holiday wonderland. Admission is free, and hundreds of families line up for photos with Santa. Proceeds from the event benefit a local food bank.

The cannery was originally constructed as a fish cannery, and is still filled with relics of the fish industry. A large receiving hall, ice room, steamboat ticket office, and receiving doors still remain on the property. While most fishermen worked at the Old Cannery, many also worked from cabins in the woods. Those original cabins are still in place, and they are now available for rent on Airbnb.

The Old Cannery’s current owners, Tony and Mabeth Ross, have continued to make their home in the Old Cannery. Visitors can enjoy Tony Grouts’ leather recliner, a checkered flannels coat rack, and Tony Grouts’ original sewing machine, which was used to upholster the furniture in the early days. During the holidays, the Old Cannery opens a photo booth with Santa and is a great place for families to take pictures with Santa. Old Cannery employees and volunteers are looking forward to making this holiday season a special one for everyone.
Holiday sales

Old Cannery has a variety of holiday sales. For Memorial Day and Independence Day, you can enjoy a free hot dog and outdoor tent sale and save even more with a financing deal. For Independence Day, you can also get a free pound of fudge with your purchase.

If you’re interested in finding a unique gift for someone, this is a great place to look. You can find unique pieces of furniture, holiday decorations, and other seasonal decorations. If you’re a train lover, you’ll also enjoy the Old Cannery’s model train exhibit. Visitors can even take free photos with Santa.

The Old Cannery has a rich history. Its founding family owned a thriving furniture store in Sumner, Washington. Tony and Sherry Grout were both involved in the company’s early days, starting it with a small home in Spanaway Lake. They eventually moved to Sumner and rebranded as Old Cannery. They also hired Dave Radcliffe, who had known the Grout family since childhood.
Ecosystem of the old cannery

While visiting the Old Cannery, be sure to stop by its Furniture Warehouse. This historic building has its own ecosystem. Inside, you’ll find seven animatronic animals and a working model train exhibit. You can also get a free photo with the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. The Old Cannery is also involved in a wide range of community events.

The Hovden Cannery was a former sardine cannery, which operated from 1916 until 1973. At its peak, the plant employed 4,000 people. In fact, the Hovden Food Products Company grew to be the largest cannery on Ocean View Avenue. The company, made famous in John Stenbeck’s 1945 novel “Cannery Row”, later switched to canning squid. Eventually, the Hovden Cannery closed down, but portions of the old cannery remained until the Monterey Bay Aquarium opened in 1984.

As sardines were considered an inexhaustible food source, the canneries discarded their waste into the Bay, adding to the ecological devastation caused by other marine industries. The Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist John Steinbeck had a favorite spot here. The old cannery building at 800 Cannery Row was once the Pacific Biological Laboratory. Ricketts was an ecologist and marine biologist and the inspiration for Doc Ricketts, a fictional character from Steinbeck’s novel “The Pearl.”

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