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How to Draw Coral



If you like the idea of coral, you can learn to draw one. You can draw corals in different shapes, including fans and clumps. You can also add a background to your coral drawing. If you like, you can also add other sea creatures like sharks or dolphins. The last step in creating a coral drawing is to color it in.
How to create a coral drawing

To create a coral drawing, start by creating the base. This base can be a simple oval shape, or it can have curved lines that emerge from underneath and along the sides. Use this base to draw the rest of the coral, including the tentacles. Next, add details and color to the drawing.

You can also add other sea creatures to your drawing, including other coral. Coral reefs usually have many types of sea creatures, including sharks, octopuses, fish, and crabs. There is no shortage of subjects for your coral drawing, so you can incorporate some of your favorites, too.
How to draw a fan-like coral

There are many different forms of coral. A fan-like coral is a common example. This coral is easy to draw because of its varied shapes. To draw it, start with an oval tail, and add a darker shade at the top. Next, add triangular fins and five gill slits. Be sure to leave some space in the mid-ground to blend in with the foreground.
How to add a background to your coral drawing

There are several different ways to add a background to your coral drawing. For instance, you can add seaweed, fish, or any other sea creatures you’d like to include. You can also add different patterns. You can paint with different mediums to create your background. You can also add extra details to your coral drawing.

Adding a background is important for making your coral drawing look complete. The first step is to create a base. This can be done with curved lines that extend underneath or from the sides of the ovals. You can even draw tentacles!
How to color your coral drawing

Once you have finished the coral design, the next step is to color it in. You can add different colors and patterns to your drawing, as well as extra details and background. If you wish, you can also include sea creatures in your drawing. When it comes to coral, there are plenty of colors to choose from.

After you have finished drawing your coral, you can add other sea creatures, like fish, crabs, and octopus. If you want to make your coral drawing more interesting, you can also add a shark, octopus, or other aquatic animals.


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