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Rambutan OCs in Cookie Run



Cookie Run has a wiki where anyone can create pages for their OCs. The wiki is a good place to write about your OC’s history and stats. It is also a good way to share information with other users. However, you have to make sure that you use the correct naming convention.
Cookies of Darkness

Adventures in the Dark follows the adventures of three different Cookies. The story takes place three years after the events of Cookie Dungeon. The Cookies of Darkness have escaped to hide, but they need to get supplies from the normal world to survive. Keeping their identities secret is essential, so they have to be on the lookout for dangers that will put their lives in danger. Some of the threats that they face include an ill-fitting robe, a magic wand, and even a random history teacher.
Rambutan cookies

Rambutan cookies are a very unique type of cookie. They are based on the fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. They have fleshy, hairy spines, and are closely related to lychees. They taste like a bitter chocolate, but there’s no official confirmation on how much cocoa is in them.
Rambutan cookies shell

The Rambutan Tribe is an animal tribe on the Dragonhead Coast. Its members wear thick haired covers, which protect them from the monsters that attack them. Amongst the tribe members, the Rambutan Cookie is chosen as the leader. She has the most rambutan hairs on her dough, and is always the first to fight back when monsters attack. She also has the ability to repair damage and heal other cookies. Her appearance is so appealing that she has many fans.
Rambutan cookies stats

Rambutan Cookies are a delicious treat in MapleStory 2. These tasty cookies are found in chests and can be obtained from any chest in the game. The Rambutan is a hearty-looking fruit that is approximately the size of a golf ball. Its outer skin is red with soft yellowish or neon green prickly hairs. The inside of the fruit is white with a huge ole seed at its center. The flavor is rich, creamy, and floral. It’s also very refreshing.

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