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How to Create Animated Discord Banners



There are plenty of ways to create your own Discord profile banner, from finding a GIF to creating a customized image. Whether you are a server admin or a member of a chat community, there is an option to create an animated profile or server banner. When making an animated profile or server banner, remember that you will want to keep a few things in mind, including the quality of the image and the file size limit.
Animated Discord server banners

There are several ways to design your animated Discord server banners. The first and most important step is to make sure that your banner is easy to read. It should not be too busy or too small. You should use clear, contrasting colors and leave some white space to prevent confusion. Keep in mind that many Discord users will view your server’s banner on mobile devices. You should also avoid confusing your users by using confusing designs or colors.

Another way to make your Discord server banner stand out is by using imagery representative of your brand or game. For example, if your server is a video game, use a high-quality image from the game. For other content servers, use a custom-designed image. If you can’t afford custom graphics, stock images are a great option.

You can also use animated GIFs. These are great for Discord servers, but they have their limitations. To add an animated banner, your server must be Level 3 or higher.
Animated profile banners

If you’re looking for a way to attract more attention and increase engagement on Discord, consider using animated profile banners. Animated GIFs are the perfect way to make your avatar look more dynamic. You can create your own animated GIFs or download them from a reliable platform.

These colorful banners can be customized to fit your server’s theme. For example, you could have a banner of two cats wearing bear hats. Another option would be a banner featuring Baymax from the movie “Big Hero 6” (and one with a traffic cone on its head). This type of animated banner would be appropriate for someone who loves the Disney movie.

Animated profile banners on Discord can be created using the Discord Studio. This program lets you upload pictures and has a search bar for free images. You can upload JPG, PNG, and animated GIF files that are under 10MB. The program also allows you to adjust the image’s size. If the image is larger than 10MB, you should convert it to a GIF.
Image quality

The image quality of a Discord banner is crucial, and you need to make sure it’s clear and legible. It should be recognizable to the average user at a glance, so avoid using patterns or too much white space. It should also match the theme of your Discord server. If it doesn’t, people might get confused when they try to read the name of the server from the banner.

Discord also recommends using an image with a size of 960 x 540 pixels. You can use PNG, JPG, or animated GIFs. Animated GIFs must be under 10 MB. You can also choose a custom size for your Discord banner. If your image is larger than that, Discord will resize it automatically.

If you use a 960 x 540 pixel image, it’ll animate for 5 seconds on hover, but this won’t happen if you don’t have a 960 x 540 px image. In case you’d like to add a larger image, you can use 1920×1080 px. You can also use a transparent background.


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