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Helltaker Characters



In Helltaker, you can choose between several characters. These demons are not particularly frightening, but they have unique personalities and demeanors. Some of these demons are even likable and pleasant, and they often die in humorous ways. The game is very well-crafted, and its characters are a great part of the experience.

Zdrada is a demon and one of the main characters in the video game Helltaker. She is a rebellious demon who likes to break the rules. She even belittles the younger sister Malina and tells the Helltaker to kill himself. This makes it difficult for Zdrada to control when she joins Helltaker’s harem.

Zdrada is the fifth demon girl encountered in Helltaker. Her name means “betrayer,” and she is also known as “the Bitch Demon.” She has pale skin and white hair. Her costume consists of a red top and black jeans and boots. She also wears a cross necklace and wrist cuffs.

Zdrada is a demon whose personality is very similar to that of The Helltaker, but she is not as flamboyant or threatening as the other demons. Despite her grumpy appearance, Zdrada is very cute. She is also an excellent cook.

Strada is the main antagonist of the Helltaker series and is known as the Bitch Demon. She is a sadomasochistic smoker, wears glasses, likes coffee, and has a sadistic streak. Her name is derived from Slavic words meaning “betrayal” and “treason.”

Strada and Zdrada are similar in appearance. They both wear cross necklaces and enjoy smoking, making them both sadomasochistic. In the Helltaker series, Strada is the main antagonist of the fifth stage. Strada wears red clothing and often wears a necklace of red irises.

Other characters in the series include Judgement, Malina, Azazel, and Zdrada. The main antagonist of the series, Strada wears a red dress and a cross necklace, and enjoys watching people suffer. Beelzebub is another prominent character and is known to be a powerful demon. He wears a red tuxedo and possesses long horns.

Beelzebub is one of the central characters in the Helltaker game series. He is an ancient demon, banished by Justice to the void, who has done unspeakable atrocities. He is also a cunning trickster who tries to lure the titular Helltaker into an abyssal void.

In the game, the Helltaker encounters Beelzebub in the void. Upon meeting the evil character, Beelzebub tries to befriend him. He offers him a pancake filled with Quark cheese, but Beelzebub prefers chocolate pancakes. When he eats a pancake, he releases purple poisonous saliva.

Beelzebub is a demon that lives in Hell before the Judgement. He was sealed in the void by the High Prosecutor, but later resurfaces in the Abyss after the Helltaker performs the carpet secret combination in the Prologue. Beelzebub is one of the most powerful demons in the game and is one of the key characters in the secret ending of the game.

As one of the earliest Helltaker characters, Pandemonica was inspired by the Pandaemonium of the epic poem by John Milton, which is based on the bible. In the story, Pandemonica is the first Helltaker character to visit the pit. The character was created by Vanripper, who liked the traits that Pandemonica had.

While she had a pleasant and polite personality when she first meets the Helltaker, she soon reveals that she was a sadistic demon. She is a hard worker and tired, and is happy to break the Helltaker’s fingers. Despite her ruthlessness, Pandemonica is a sympathetic character who can help the Helltaker overcome his personal challenges.

The Helltaker series includes a large cast of characters, all of which have different personalities and roles. There are two main protagonists, Pandemonica and Lucifero, and each one has a different goal in life.


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