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Helltaker Characters


In the game Helltaker, there are several characters that you can identify with. Some of them are Asmodeus, Justice, Strada, and Zdrada. Let’s take a look at some of these characters and what makes them unique. In addition to their abilities, they all possess interesting personalities and traits.

Asmodeus is a demon with a slender, pale body. His red irises and tail are tipped with black arrows. His silvery-white hair has a wavy fringe and cowlicks on either side. His pupils are heart-shaped. He’s a member of the Helltaker, an organisation comprised of a select few demons. He comes with three interchangeable face plates, sunglasses, and a sparkle effect sheet. The figures are sculpted from painted plastic and measure around 100mm tall.

Asmodeus is one of the most powerful demons in Hell, and is arguably the most evil. He is also said to have the ability to destroy the world with a single word. Whether he’s speaking to humans or angels, he can make them suffer for eternity. This makes him a favorite among the Helltaker characters.

Zdrada is one of the main characters in the Helltaker series. She appears in the fifth stage and joins the Helltaker’s demon harem. She gets annoyed when Helltaker tells her that she is not supposed to join the harem. She is one of the most memorable characters from the game.

Zdrada is one of the five demon girls that the Helltaker team will encounter in Helltaker. She has a pale complexion and short white hair. Her outfit is black and red, with a cross necklace and wrist cuffs.

The main antagonist of the Helltaker series, Strada is a woman with a sadistic streak. The name Strada is derived from the Slavic word “strada,” which means “betrayal.” She wears a red dress and a cross necklace and enjoys watching people suffer. Another prominent character in the series is Beelzebub, who wears a red tuxedo and a ribbon around her waist.

The Helltaker series features a large cast of characters. Each character has their own personality and roles. Each is distinct and unique, and all have an interesting quirk. While Strada and Zdrada may be the most memorable Helltaker characters, they also have many differences.

In the video game series Helltaker, Justice is a demon who once worked as the High Prosecutor of Hell. It is implied that he went blind during his battle with Beelzebub. Despite this, he seems to be a very laid-back character, and it’s easy to forget that he’s actually a demon.

The costume of Justice Helltaker is reminiscent of that of the Batman movie characters. His attire is mostly black with a red tie and silver clips. He also wears a black suit jacket, which he usually wears unbuttoned. In addition, he wears red fingerless gloves that Lucifer gave him. The gloves feature a metal tag that says “HPJ,” which stands for High Prosecutor Justice. His boots and pants are also black.
Asmodeus’s relationship with Lucifer

Asmodeus is an ancient god who was Lucifer’s closest companion while he was still in Heaven. After Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, Asmodeus descended to Earth with him and eventually degenerated into a demon who ruled over a section of Hell. Asmodeus mated with a fellow outcast, Lilith, and fathered many demonic children. However, most of his offspring were slain by agents of Heaven.

Asmodeus is also known as the Prince of Hell. Throughout the series, Asmodeus and Lucifer are involved in several conflicts. The relationship between Asmodeus and Lucifer has been described as a complicated one. This is because Asmodeus raises the Shedim, which is the Jewish word for demon. Ultimately, Asmodeus is a powerful demon who has a powerful influence on Lucifer.

One of the main characters in the Helltaker series is the demon Beelzebub. He is an extremely powerful demon and is sealed in Hell by his previous Hell Prosecutor, Justice. In the series, Beelzebub plays a prominent role in the saga, as he becomes the official Helltaker’s companion. The character also serves as the Helltaker’s narrator, though his narrations may seem a little unreliable due to his insanity.

Beelzebub was introduced in the series after he became fascinated with the Helltaker’s mobile phone. He used the device to create videos, reliving events that he witnessed in the Abyss. It was surprising for the Helltaker that his phone still worked in the Abyss, but Beelzebub was able to start it by touching the middle of the phone. From there, he recorded the suffering of the Helltaker.

Lucifer is a demon girl with pale skin, a red iris, and a black arrow-tipped tail. She also has silvery-white hair tied back at the end. She also wears black spiked hairbands on her bangs. Her horns are white and jagged, and she also has a mole under her left eye.

Lucifer was once the Helltaker’s closest demon, and he remembers him fondly. The Loremaster is less concerned with Lucifer’s fate than with Azazel, however. Azazel, the demon who followed the Helltaker for research, does not care for Lucifer.


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