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TikTok Dance App


The tiktok dance app allows people to upload videos of themselves performing dance moves along with their partners. The dance moves are synchronized with the song’s lyrics. For example, the words “baby” in a song correspond to a rocking motion. The reigning tiktok dance kings and queen are Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio.
Lessons from tiktok dance

The TikTok dance style is not difficult to learn. There are many variations of this style and it is easy to learn by doing it with a partner. Beginners can start by doing the basic moves and then add on the more complex moves at the end. The first four moves are simple and can be practiced alone or with a partner.

It is popular among millennials and Gen Z. The currency of the app is 15 to 30 second dance videos. Most of the videos are created by teen dancers who use the platform to share their choreography. While the TikTok dances aren’t as professional as those by Soulja Boy or Justin Bieber, they’re still incredibly popular and have inspired many to post their own choreography.

To learn a new dance, the best way is to watch a video of a TikTok dance and break it up into smaller chunks. Some videos have step captions built in, and others contain built-in instructions on how to perform a particular move. For example, for a split, a beginner should practice jumping onto their heels while keeping their toes off the floor.
App’s impact on social-media culture

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps today. It launched in 2016, and within two years became the most downloaded app in the Apple App Store. In that time, the app has become a social phenomenon, influencing established social networks in ways that were previously unthinkable. Its most prominent feature is the dance challenge, which allows users to upload and repost trending choreography. It has also become an outlet for top influencers to build millions of followers.

The impact of TikTok has been enormous, especially in China. According to the company, Chinese Internet users spend 600 million hours per day watching videos posted on the TikTok app. The app is predicted to dominate the social-media landscape by the year 2022. The app offers users a variety of content, including dance, music, comedy, and TikTok challenge related videos. Users are using the platform to express themselves, with their videos generating millions of views.

TikTok is an interesting case study in social media culture because it caters to the needs of micro-entertainment, and it has a vast audience who are looking for distractions. However, the app has some disadvantages that should not be overlooked. It is difficult to gauge whether TikTok will be able to sustain its growth over the long term.
Legal issues surrounding tiktok dance

The legal issues surrounding tiktok dance are a major concern for choreographers. Many of these dances are not registered, so the creators do not receive credit for their creations. The lack of credit is especially frustrating for artists of color. One prominent Black choreographer has taken action to remedy this situation by setting up a company that helps other dancers register their dances.

TikTok creators waive their moral rights when they post their videos, including the right to be credited as the original creator. Even if the choreography is not copied, it may not qualify for copyright protection. This means that dances made on TikTok may be susceptible to copyright violations and are not protected by copyright laws.

TikTok dances have been a hot topic in the United States for some time, and this global platform has been a touchpoint in the cultural appropriation story. In Part II of this article, we’ll discuss the laws surrounding choreography and copyright, as well as a case study of the Fortnite dance controversy. The video game was accused of copying celebrity signature dance moves.


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