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The Hottest Female TikTok Dances of 2019


You may have heard of the TikTok dance, a social media platform where users can upload videos of themselves and their partners dancing to popular songs. The dance moves correspond with the song lyrics. For example, if the song lyrics say “baby,” the dance move would be a rocking motion. The reigning TikTok dance kings and queen are Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio.
Jalaiah Harmon’s tiktok dance

In 2019, Jalaiah Harmon’s “Renegade” dance became the most popular TikTok dance, taking the online community by storm. She was just fourteen years old when she created the dance and shared it on a YouTube channel called Dubsmash. However, her choreography never got much credit, even though it was widely used by teens all over the world. Now, a new documentary series is highlighting the history of her dance.

The video’s popularity caused a huge controversy on TikTok. Several Black creators took to the website to demand credit for their work. Despite the controversy, Jalaiah has been very polite about it. She has said she only wants credit for her work. The trailer for the documentary promises to discuss issues like credit, culture, and the changes in the internet.

Harmon, who studied multiple forms of dance, has become a worldwide sensation due to her video. She has even been invited to perform at the NBA All-Star Game. Her tiktok dance video has garnered nearly three million views.
Keara Wilson’s choreography for ‘Savage’

Keara Wilson’s choreography for a Megan Thee Stallion song was so popular that it became a viral video. Her TikTok account now has more than 50 million views. Many celebrities including Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez have also been seen dancing the dance. Wilson has a large fan base on TikTok and also posts original dances on her account. Her videos often receive thousands of likes and over 800K followers.

Last March, Wilson became an internet sensation when she uploaded a video on TikTok of herself dancing to the Megan Thee Stallion song “Savage.” The video launched the #SavageChallenge. She has since been granted the copyright to her choreography. Logitech, a computer accessories company, has partnered with Wilson and other BIPOC creators to ensure that their work is protected by copyright.

Wilson created her dance for ‘Savage’ in one hour. After her choreography went viral, she started earning money as a TikToker. However, she is still not credited properly for her choreography. She is entitled to royalties and can take legal action if the dance is used without her permission.
Doja Cat’s “Vibe (If I Back It Up)”

Doja Cat is known for turning out addictive viral hits. Her song “Need to Know” has been featured in countless TikTok videos. She has also released many other songs that have been virally popular. This music video is no exception.

The video was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 thriller The Birds. The video begins with a scene of crows swarming in a phone booth. As the song progresses, the crow transforms into an anthropomorphized dancer, a bandleader, and a space explorer. The video runs just over a minute and even features an ominous spider scene with six extra legs.

TikTok creators have also turned to Doja Cat to highlight the badass side of their videos. The video has received millions of views on the platform. The song was already popular in TikTok when it was first released, and TikTok influencer Haley Sharpe used it in a dance challenge. The song is now used in over 18 million TikTok videos.
Kara Leigh Cannella’s “Stay” challenge

“Stay” is a new challenge that has caught the attention of many women in the fitness industry. It has been created by fitness expert Kara Leigh Cannella and it challenges women to stay active. She challenges women to stay active throughout the day and stay fit by doing simple tasks. The athletes participating in the challenge come from various backgrounds and play different sports. Some of the female athletes are featured below.

Kara Leigh Cannella has received support from celebrities and musicians, including rap artist CardiB. CardiB has even posted a video of Cannella dancing on her Instagram. Fans will recognize Cannella’s “Gimme More” dance from the Step Up movie. The video is already over 12 million views.

Before the “Stay” challenge, Cannella was a competitive dancer. She started dancing at the age of 10 and was inspired by the show So You Think You Can Dance. She became fascinated with the choreography process and looked up to stars like Travis Wall, Mia Michaels, and Will Loftis. She also admired tWitch, the freestyle hip hop star from season four of SYTYCD.


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