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Helltaker Characters


The Helltaker characters are a classic ’90s Anti-Hero character archetype. The Helltaker character has a similar morality to an average human and disapproves of the aggressive personality traits of demon girls. It is not clear whether Helltaker created a real harem of demon girls, but the outcome seems to be pleasing to him.

Asmodeus is the Demon of Lust in Helltaker. He is also the main antagonist of the fifth stage in the game. He is one of the seven brothers of Hell and represents lust. In the game, he is voiced by Phil LaMarr. He is depicted in casual clothing with a red turtleneck sweater, jean shorts, and red stockings. He has a cross necklace around his neck.

The name Asmodeus is derived from the Avestan language. Asmodeus is often known as the king of Hell. He has the power to manipulate others, which makes him one of the most dangerous demons in Hell. He also has the ability to destroy the world with one word. Asmodeus’ followers are called sheds. While Asmodeus does not appear in the Hebrew Bible, he is mentioned in Talmudic legend.

The second demon that the helltaker encounters is Modeus. She is a demon girl with an insatiable sex drive. Her name means “the lustful demon.”

Zdrada is one of the five demon girls that are encountered during Helltaker. She is the sister of Malina, and is rebellious and badass. She also loves to smoke. However, she is not a typical demon, and has a few different traits that separate her from the other demon girls.

Zdrada is a rebellious demon who is prone to breaking rules and is often disrespectful. She tells the Helltaker to kill himself and his sister, and is quite difficult to control when she is in Helltaker’s harem.

Although she is not a member of the Helltaker Order, she is very popular with the fans of the series. Zdrada is often seen smoking next to Helltaker, but he tells her to smoke in a window. Meanwhile, Pandemonica sits beside him and asks her if Zdrada had done anything to her.

Pandemonica is another one of the Helltaker characters. She has a dream to make a harem of demon girls. She later reveals that she is a sadist. She is a short demon girl with pale skin and red irises, a black arrow-tipped tail, and a red flower in her lapel. Her hair is silvery-white, and she has three large curls on her forehead. Her hair also reaches the sides of her head, curling inward at the base of her chin.

Helltaker is a game with several demons. The protagonist, Strada, is a demonic woman who smokes and is a little rebellious. She is also the sister of Malina. Like her sister, Strada is a big smoker. She is the main antagonist of the fifth Helltaker character level. Her name is a direct translation from Polish and is a nod to her Slavic heritage. In the game, she wears a cross necklace.

She also possesses the ability to control the other Helltaker characters in the game. She is equipped with a sword and a bow, making her intimidating. The game features several sottofasi, which require her to move in various ways and avoid the stabs from Giudizio.

She starts the game as a bianche bende, but later changes into a nero uniform. She has a rabbia-like character and calms down only after performing a melee. Her objective is to disarm the Loremaster.

Justice is one of the Helltaker characters, but he’s a bit laid back. He doesn’t kill The Helltaker in any of the endings and has very little dialogue. In the epilogue, he tells Judgement to “keep going” and “you’re on a roll.” Though he is a demon, Justice seems to be a friendly and jovial character.

He’s a good friend of Lucifer, who gave him a pair of gloves to help him defeat his enemies. Interestingly enough, the two seem to respect one another; in the final episode, Justice wraps Lucifer’s arm around his shoulder. They seem to be close, and their interaction is one of the friendliest in the game.

The characters are rad as hell, but the game doesn’t have much to do with them. There are cute girls in Helltaker, but the puzzles are not anything special. The game’s main character, The Helltaker, loves playing strategy games and eating chocolate pancakes. He wears a white suit jacket with a red flower on the lapel. He also wears a black apron when cooking.


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