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Examples of Flying Logos


There are many types of flying logos. From a stylized peacock to a phoenix, a flying logo can be recognizable around the globe. Some examples of flying logos include Air China’s, Cathay Dragon’s, Iberia’s, and Turkish Airlines’. Some of these logos are more formal in nature, while others are more playful.
Air China’s logo is a stylized, colorful peacock

Air China is the principal international airline of the People’s Republic of China, based in Beijing. With its distinctive logo, the company aims to impress its passengers with its excellent service and professionalism. Its brand identity consists of a stylized, colorful peacock and wordmark. The wordmark consists of two parts: the Chinese version of the company’s name and an English translation of the word. The Chinese wordmark is composed of graceful lines that balance the boldness of the upper part of the logo with a hint of lightness.

The company’s logo is inspired by ancient Sri Lankan mythology. The peacock is an important mythological creature in the island nation. The peacock’s distinctive color scheme and beautiful typeface have struck a chord with the country’s natives. When designing an airline logo, it is important to use a design language that speaks to the audience.

The airline’s logo was designed by Interbrand and first introduced in April 2005. It features a stylized peacock, a magnolia blossom and a colorful ornament. The logo received unwanted attention in 2013 when an airport runway accident led airport workers to paint over the logo.
Cathay Dragon’s logo is a phoenix

The flying logo of Cathay Dragon is a Phoenix, a Chinese bird that represents prosperity. The logo is designed by Landor Associate and is similar to the old Cathay Pacific logo, which featured a red dragon. The company is an international carrier that flies from Asia to the Americas and Europe.

The rebranding of Cathay Pacific and Dragonair comes at a time when both companies want to differentiate their product offerings. The new logo is a reflection of this relationship. The company is promoting the benefits of its rebranding efforts through a massive international advertising campaign later this year.

Cathay Dragon is an airline based in Hong Kong. It is a member of the oneworld(r) network and flies to 53 destinations in Asia, including 23 in mainland China. The new codeshare agreement between American and Cathay Dragon will enhance the already strong American and Cathay Pacific partnership. The airline serves Hong Kong year-round, flying to the city from Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth.
Iberia’s logo is a combination of an angel and a harp

The airline Iberia was founded in 1967, and the first version of its logo was a simple yellow arrow with white lettering. Since then, the company’s logo has evolved and now features an angel and a harp. The harp is a traditional Irish instrument and an important part of Irish culture. Turkish Airlines recently launched a new identity design, and the company’s new logo uses the colors red, white, and blue.

Iberia’s logo has undergone several redesigns since it first appeared, and was redesigned in 2013 by Interbrand, which included a custom typeface and the colors of the Spanish flag. The brand has also promoted its new logo through social media. A similar rebranding was done for Mexicana in 2008, when the airline unveiled a new identity. The Mexicana logo features an eagle as its symbol, a symbol of stability and consistency. The font consists of both uppercase and lowercase letters, and it incorporates a yellow arrow to signify the Spanish flag.
Turkish Airlines’ logo is a combination of red, white and blue

Traditionally, Turkish Airlines has used a red, white and blue color combination in their logos. The previous version of this logo featured bold, blue sans-serif type and a red roundel that featured an abstract bird silhouette. The bird’s wings touched the red circle and its long beak extended upward. Behind the icon is the company’s name and coat of arms. The current logo has the goose symbol within the red circle, but the bird is positioned at a diagonal angle.

The logo of Turkish Airlines has been designed in such a way as to illustrate the company’s key brand advantages. In addition to this, it features a stylized stork, which is a symbol of flight, speed and safety. Turkish Airlines is the national airline of Turkey and has regular flights to more than three hundred destinations worldwide. The company is part of the Star Alliance and is considered one of the top organizations in the industry. In addition, its route network covers 120 countries, making it a world-class airline.

The Turkish Airlines logo has changed over the years, but the main changes to the design were minimal. The airline’s name was centered above the logo, and the color was changed in the 1990s. The text was made bigger and is now two rows high. The airline’s name was also changed from red to blue, which resembles a heavenly color. To the right of the inscription is a round icon of a flying bird in red.


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