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You can create pages for your OCs in Cookie Run. If you are interested in creating a page for your Cookie Run OC, check out our wiki. It is an easy way to get more information about your OC. You can add photos, videos, and more to your wiki pages.
Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom features many different types of cookies. Some are essential while others are optional. The good ones include the Frost Queen and Dark Cacao Cookies. Other playable cookies are the Sonic Cookie, the Tails Cookie, and the Pure Vanilla Cookie. The Affogato Cookie deals AoE damage and can heal the party.

Players can also play as “The Five” which is the ancient group of cookies that defeated the Dark Enchantress. These ancient cookies left behind four Kingdoms and shattered Souls. Players have met the Pure Vanilla and White Lily cookies so far, but they have yet to encounter the Golden Cheese and Hollyberry Cookie. However, the latter two are expected to appear in future updates.

The Eclair is a versatile support with a good self-buff. Unlike the other two, she also has poison that weakens enemy healers by 15%. At skill level 1, she deals 127% damage to enemies, and her poison lasts for 10 seconds. The Eclair is useful against bosses and helps AOE damage cookies pack heavier.

While the vanilla and cinnamon cookies are great for doing damage, there are also other types of cookies that do more damage than the other types. The Herb Cookie is particularly good for dealing with Burn debuffs, but her weakness is that she isn’t very strong on her own.
Cookies in Cookie Run: Witch’s Castle

If you have played Cookie Run before, you probably know that the kingdoms of the cookies have fallen to ruin after the Dark Enchantress Cookie defeated The Five and caused the ancient kingdoms to fall. However, this game introduces a new world, the Golden Cheese Kingdom, a kingdom with an aesthetic that is similar to Ancient Egypt, down to its architecture and ruling system.

Developed by the same team that made Cookie Run, the Witch’s Castle is a puzzle adventure game in the same universe. It takes a similar approach to the Cookie Run franchise, allowing players to solve “tap-to-blast” puzzles and decorate the castle’s rooms. The game offers players a wide variety of game modes that are perfect for players who love adventure games.

This upcoming adventure game will continue the Cookie Run franchise with a spooky twist. Players will need to solve puzzles in order to unlock new levels. This game is designed for the PC and is due to be released sometime in 2023. In addition to the puzzle elements, this game will also have a story mode. Players will be able to explore a mysterious castle in order to solve a riddle.

In addition to the Cookie Run franchise, developers are planning to release three new games, including a fighting game and an untitled project. A few details on each of the games were revealed during the DevNow showcase. The first game, called OvenSmash, will feature a new cast of characters. It will also feature three PVP modes – five-v-style battles and a Treasure Hunt mode.
Cookies in Cookie Run: OvenSmash

The game has two main modes: traditional and relay. The former mode adds points to the combined score of the players. Once the players reach the Rainbow or Diamond ranks, they can earn legendary cookies. If the player gets to the Diamond ranking, they can get even more crystals and legendary cookies.

Both of the new modes will require you to use multiple tools to help you achieve your goals. The game is a cross-platform multiplayer game where players control different cookie characters. Players must avoid obstacles to reach their goals and collect more cookies. They must use their skills to collect cookies before the enemies arrive to destroy them.

The game offers a large map where up to 10 players can play. The map also has three hidden treasures that the players must find and take back to the goals. The players will face a lot of enemies in the game including a Frozen Jelly Wyrm and Brown Sugar Golem. In addition to monsters, a variety of different types of cookies await the players. The primary character GingerBrave has a powerful ultimate skill and a fast slide. The other three characters are more limited and have basic uses.

Cookie Run: OvenSmash will be a multiplayer online game similar to League of Legends and Pokemon Unite. It will have a platformer-like style of gameplay and will be available on PC via Steam in the second half of 2022.


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