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What Episode Does Luffy Get His Scar?


What episode does Luffy get his scar? You probably remember Vol. 59, Episode 487. That was the episode where Zoro slices Luffy’s chest and re-opens the scar. However, you may be wondering why Akainu re-opened the scar after Zoro sliced Luffy’s chest. There are many theories about the origin of Luffy’s scar.
Vol. 59

In Vol. 59, Luffy gets a scar under his eye and on his chest. Although the scar appears at the beginning of the adventure, it was not there when Luffy was younger. It’s unclear how the scar developed, but it’s most likely caused by an event that happened in Marineford. The scar itself is not significant, but it is a symbol of the scarring that occurred in that adventure.

After escaping from the pirate ship, Luffy is transported back to Marineford by his new subordinates. The ruins of Zou were left behind by the puppet Shogun, and the One Piece crew has to fight a new enemy – the evil Emperor Kaido. Meanwhile, the Mink Tribe teaches the crew about the Road Poneglyphs and their connection to the Laugh Tale. In the end, the Samurai and Mink alliance defeat the puppet Shogun and Kaido.
Episode 487

Fans of the anime One Piece may be wondering how Luffy got his scar. There are two reasons for it. The first one is the fact that it’s not a normal scar. Luffy actually got it while he was still a child. He cut his face with an axe. The second reason is that he died in the Marineford War and ended up with a scar that symbolized his pain.

The second reason is that Luffy got his scar during the Marineford War. He was carried by Jinbe after his partner Ace died. Then, he tried to escape with the help of the Akainu. But, the Akainu came and struck him, injuring him. This made Luffy get his scar. Jinbe had to carry Luffy after he lost his conscience after the ace.
Zoro sliced Luffy’s chest

During a fight in Marineford, Zoro slashed Luffy’s chest with two swords, leaving an X-shaped scar on his torso. After he cut Luffy, he also sliced his left eye. The wound, however, does not heal properly, and the scar has begun to fade. The episode is also a callback to the filler arc in Ocean’s Dream, when Zoro slashed Luffy’s chest.

The attack on Portgas D. Ace was a brutal blow. Luffy tried to rescue Portgas, but ultimately lost the battle. The Navy admiral sliced his chest and inflicted the wounds that killed him. This is one of the biggest twists in the entire series, and an important moment for Luffy. The episode also introduces many new characters. The manga is filled with fun and wacky moments, but it is a great choice for fans of pirates and adventure stories.

During the attack, Zoro slices Luffy’s chest with his Katana and leaves an X-mark on the chest. Luffy is left with one arm, but the haki arm on his other side is invisible and must be activated in order to be used. In later episodes, Luffy sacrifices his arm and loses one arm. The episode also features a new character named Zoro, who is the king of marines and holds the highest bounty in the One Piece series.
Akainu re-opened the scar

The second scar on Luffy’s chest is a large “X” shape, and is visible even when the time skip is turned off. At this point, Luffy is resigned to his fate and dying at the hands of Admiral Akainu, but he is not alone; he has a slew of allies who are more than willing to protect him. His allies are the Straw Hat, and his Knight of the Sea Jimbei, who carried his unconscious body away from Marineford. The magma devil fruit powers of the Akainu caused an explosion, and a scar is the result.

The scar is symbolic for several reasons. First, it serves as a reminder of the battle with the Akainu. It is also a constant motivation for Luffy to pursue his goals. As a symbol of strength, determination, and willpower, it also reminds him that he is capable of overcoming whatever obstacle he faces. In addition, the scar itself serves as a symbol of his determination and courage, which are important characteristics in life.


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