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What Happened to Owen Wilson’s Nose?


If you are asking yourself, “What happened to Owen Wilson’s nose?”, you’re not alone. The actor actually broke his nose twice – once in grade school, and then again in a football game. While it may look like he underwent a rhinoplasty to correct his shape, the truth is that he did not undergo any rhinoplasty at all.
owen wilson’s nose is shaped like a knot

Although some people find his double-cracked nose a turn off, it is still undeniably beautiful. His crooked beak is a product of genetics and may have only been noticed during a schoolyard fight in Texas. The actor has even admitted to loving his crooked nose, and one Twitter fan account collected a series of photos of the actor. While it is possible that Wilson just loves his crooked shape, some critics believe that he keeps it that way to distract from his teeth.
owen wilson’s nose is crooked

If you have ever wondered why Owen Wilson’s nose is crooked, you’re not alone. In fact, his crooked nose may have been the result of a few different injuries. The first affliction occurred in a schoolyard fight, while the second one happened while the actor was playing football with his friends. While the affliction isn’t the only cause, it certainly makes it a bit of a source of amusement.
owen wilson’s nose was broken twice

It’s a little-known fact that actor Owen Wilson’s nose was broken twice. While he was still a teenager, he broke his nose twice during a fight in secondary school and while playing football. While the incident caused the actor to drop out of school, it hasn’t kept him from making it big in Hollywood. The actor has since gone on to undergo two Rhinoplasty surgeries to fix the deviated septum and reshape his nose.
owen wilson’s nose is not a rhinoplasty

You’ve probably heard the story about Owen Wilson’s nose. He’s a Hollywood star, but you’re probably also wondering if he had a rhinoplasty. After all, he has a $60 million net worth. But what does his nose actually look like? The actor broke it twice as a teen, in a fight at St. Mark’s High School in Dallas and during a collision on a football field. While many people have thought he has undergone a rhinoplasty, the truth is that Wilson’s nose is just what it is.
owen wilson’s nose is not broken

In a 2001 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Owen Wilson admitted that his nose is crooked. He was injured in a fight while in high school in Texas and again while playing football. Although people have argued that Wilson has a broken nose, he seems unconcerned. “I’ve broken my nose two times,” he told the paper. “I’m surprised that people think I look disfigured. My nose is a feature of my character in the movies, but I don’t care,” he explained.
owen wilson’s nose does not affect his marketability

Many people have wondered whether the fame of Owen Wilson’s nose has anything to do with his success as an actor. After all, he has been praised for his work in many movies and television shows, despite the fact that his nose is notoriously unique. Despite its fame, many people have commented on the actor’s nose, and while he has remained coy about the issue, he did admit to breaking it twice as a teenager.


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