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The Truth About Tracey Braxton’s Weight Loss Surgery


Recently, it was reported that Tracey Braxton underwent weight loss surgery. This is a big deal because Braxton has been fluctuating in weight over the years. Despite sharing many photos and even appearing in some movies and TV shows, fans worried about the singer’s health. However, Braxton confirmed that she had weight loss surgery. Here are her reasons for undergoing the surgery. Read on to learn more!
traci braxton lost her battle with esophageal cancer

The singer’s death was reported as a result of esophageal cancer, a rare and deadly disease that starts in the lining of the esophagus, the muscular tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. Esophageal cancer is diagnosed when malignant cells develop in the lining of the esophagus. Normally, the condition affects the lower esophagus, where adenocarcinoma often occurs. Barrett’s esophagus and gastroesophageal reflux disease are associated with this cancer.

Although Traci Braxton fought the disease privately, her family and friends were quick to acknowledge her battle with esophageal carcinoma. Despite her wish to remain silent, her husband, Kevin Hart, a comedian, and his sister Evelyn Braxton, posted a touching tribute to her mother on Instagram. While her death is tragic, it’s also heartening to know that a woman of Traci’s stature and talent fought her cancer with determination and grace.
traci braxton’s weight loss surgery

While the internet was abuzz with her stunning appearance, there were a few things that kept the public in suspense: did she have to have surgery? Was she simply trying to hide her weight? Or was she undergoing something more serious? While many of us are unsure of the truth behind Traci Braxton’s weight loss surgery, the reality TV star is still far from perfect, and her condition is no exception.

While the Braxton sisters were famed for being extremely thin, Traci Braxton went on a different path. She was overweight and self-conscious about her appearance. She longed for the body she had seen in magazines. Eventually, she became the backup singer for her sister Toni Braxton, who was also famous for her incredible vocal range. In the end, the weight loss surgery was a huge success and she lost 64 pounds.
her relationship with husband Kevin Surratt

The weight loss surgeries that Traci Braxton underwent were enough to leave her with an unrecognizably saggy stomach. But the surgery also shook her marriage with husband Kevin Surratt. As a result, Kevin and Traci have broken up. After a year-long breakup, the couple has gotten back together, but are their relationships still intact?

The surgery caused a great deal of stress for Traci’s marriage with Kevin Surratt, but the two have a great relationship. Surratt is very close to his community and loves to travel. He is also supportive of his wife’s career. After all, she helped him fight esophageal cancer in 2021. Traci passed away on March 12, 2022.

In the wake of the dramatic transformation, the former WE tv star struggled to maintain her relationship with Surrat. Although she has remained close to Surrat, her new skinny body has caused a rift between the two. During this time, she has been infrequently seen in public, and fans have been wondering if there was a new drama in her life.
her motivation to lose weight

Traci Braxton has been a popular reality television star for a number of years, and her motivation to lose weight came in many forms. She was inspired by her sisters, who were all suffering from weight issues, but was also motivated by her health issues. Managing diabetes is no easy feat, and the pressure from family members can be discouraging. As a result, Traci Braxton started to control her lifestyle and incorporate healthy habits into her daily routine.

She made a conscious effort to change her diet and began exercising regularly. She stopped eating unhealthy foods and developed healthy recipes. She also started practicing yoga and meditation and began performing cardio exercises. Traci Braxton’s motivation to lose weight is evident in her results: she’s lost 64 pounds since December. She credits her new, healthier lifestyle for her weight loss. She also credits her motivation to losing weight to seeing her face in the mirror.


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