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Super Bowl Drinking Game



If you’re a fan of football, the Super Bowl drinking game may be the perfect game for you. It’s simple and easy to follow, with the goal of sipping a full cup of beer after each touchdown is scored. The game also makes use of the many cool Super Bowl commercials, and you’ll have plenty of excuses to guzzle alcohol. Below are some ideas for how to play this game. We hope you enjoy!

Job description for a Super Bowl drinking game

The Super Bowl is one of the few times a year where people of all sports watch together, and the Super Bowl is no exception. Whether you’re a diehard Eagles fan or a non-sports fan, this game is a cultural phenomenon. Not to mention the commercials and the food! Below, you’ll find a job description for a Super Bowl drinking game. But first, you need to pick a team.

The job description for a Super Bowl drinking game is quite different than the job description for a no-name NFL team, which will probably involve a team of rookies. Unlike no-name league veterans, players with celebrity status should not get too carried away by the attention. Instead, they should put on a helmet and mouthguard and grind out some yards. Then, if you’re feeling extra brave, try the TB12 Method.

Expectations for a Super Bowl drinking game

If you want to play an intense drinking game that will make your mouth water, Super Bowl is the perfect opportunity. With its variety of configurations, this game is sure to be an instant hit with your group. Playing the game is a great way to ease those Sunday Night Blues. Here are the main expectations for a Super Bowl drinking game. You’ll be amazed by how much fun it is to compete with your friends or family!

This drinking game requires attention and has simple rules. Players must finish their drink when a touchdown is scored. If a penalty is called, the player can take a shot at the cup. Since touchdowns are spaced far apart, players can’t take shots too fast or they might get penalized. It’s a great way to entertain the crowd while watching football. Just make sure to have enough drinks.

Rules of the game

The rules of the super bowl drinking game are simple, and based on the nuances of a good party. Whether you’re hosting a Super Bowl party or simply want to celebrate the occasion, this game has you covered. Some of the rules include: drinking when the game is on, complaining about the refs, and spilling drinks. The game also includes an element of guesswork by having participants count their drinks by saying them out loud. Then, if one team says a number out of the blue, they have to buzz.

The Super Bowl drinking game has 3 categories: general drinks, scoring, and halftime drink off. The first person to finish the drink gets to take a knee and the game continues until only one team has enough drinks to win. Obviously, this game is not for the faint of heart, but it is a lot of fun. The goal is to have as much fun as possible while watching the game, and if your friends have a great time, you should do the same!

Halftime show sippin’

This fun drinking game is played during the halftime show of your favorite football game. During the halftime show, take a sip whenever certain events occur. You can top off your glasses before the game starts, and take a sip when certain things happen during the performance. Other things you can watch for as a trigger are performances by performers or audience members, the halftime show ending early, and the appearance of a celebrity hologram.

When Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, mentions the illegal use of marijuana, a drink is in order. If John Madden mentions that Al Davis left the reservation, you’re drinking a Seagrams. Also, if Bruno Mars or Kelly Rowland lip syncs during the show, you’re drinking a shot. If Peyton Manning or Cam Newton gets sacked during the halftime show, a drink is in order.


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