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Sadistic Beauty: Side Story



Sadistic Beauty: Side Story is a manga series by Yuri. It revolves around the relationship between a shy student and a sexy beauty. After meeting the perfect woman, Gyerin decides to leave Doona and search for his true love. The second half of the manga explores Gyerin’s relationships with the two women. It is definitely worth checking out if you are looking to read a new kind of story.

Chapter 1

If you love reading manga and want to see something a bit different, try reading Sadistic Beauty: Side Story. It is a series that has been adapted from a Korean manga book. It is written by Woo Yunhee, and it is categorized under the Yuri, Yaoi, and Smut genres. Despite the edgy content, this story is a fun read, and is suitable for readers of all ages.

This sexy manga has a lesbian protagonist and a gay character in its main cast. It also includes a love triangle, with a gay character and a lesbian as the protagonist. Because of this, some people may question why the author would write a gay character in a lesbian story, but this is not the case. The author’s response to these questions might lead you to believe that she hates men and lesbians.


If you like romance, then you’ll probably like Plot of Sadistic Beauty: Side Story. It has a lesbian protagonist and a gay protagonist. It also has a love triangle that involves a lesbian and a gay man. However, if you’re not into lesbians or gay men, you might want to skip it. It will be too disturbing for younger audiences. This webtoon is a must-read for readers over the age of 18.

The plot of Sadistic Beauty: Side Story is a romantic manga created by Yuri. It follows the story of a young actress named Chun Duna and a wealthy sadist. The former will fall in love with the latter after he hears his disturbing experience. The young woman, Chun Duna, will eventually end up with the sexiest man in the world. This manga also highlights the dynamics of relationships.


This manga has a unique plot with a gay character and lesbian protagonist. It is told in alternating chapters, each one ending in a love triangle. As an author, the author’s response to these situations may give the impression that she hates both lesbians and men. However, this may not be the case at all. The sadistic ways of the protagonist and the lesbian professor may be a sign of her true nature.

Sadistic Beauty: Side Story is a Korean manga series written by Woo Yunhee. Currently, there are 18 chapters in English. It is categorized under the Yuri, Smut, and Yaoi genres. Although it is not rated mature, it is definitely worth reading. The story is very gripping and worth the read! There are many interesting characters in Sadistic Beauty: Side Story.


The manga series, Sadistic Beauty: Side Story, is a great example of a love triangle, featuring a lesbian and gay protagonist. Although the author’s response to the love triangle leads one to believe that she hates lesbians and gay men, the story is still very good. Here are some of my thoughts on the manga:

This manga is available for purchase in several countries and is suitable for older readers. The graphics are detailed and the manga is fast-loading. If you’re looking for a free version of the manga, visit MangaBuddy and subscribe to their newsletter for new chapters. You can also read Sadistic Beauty: Side Story – Chapter 1 in HD on MangaBuddy. This manga is available in HD and is recommended for older readers.


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