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Countdown to the Kingdom



The “Countdown to the Kingdom” is a bogus timetable based on Catholic apocalypticism and Protestant “Rapture” theology. The timing of the end of the world is wrong and the Antichrist will not come before Christ. But what if the end of the world is near? Shouldn’t we be ready to receive Christ in our lifetimes? If so, then why is it so difficult for us to wait?

Apocalyptic Nonsense

Countdown to the Kingdom is a website that predicts the coming of the Kingdom of God, incorporating apocalyptic nonsense into the timeline. The site anticipates the fulfillment of various prophecies, including the seven seals of Revelation, “time of refuge”, the “3 Days of Darkness,” and the Second Coming. But is all this nonsense real?

Countdown to the Kingdom doesn’t follow Church teaching. The Church teaches that the Antichrist will not come before the Age of Peace. And the Antichrist will not come before the Second Coming. That’s just plain nonsense. The only thing Countdown to the Kingdom misses is Christ’s return. Whether or not the apocalyptic nonsense of the Countdown to the Kingdom is true is debatable.

A mix of Catholic apocalypticism and Protestant “Rapture” theology

Countdown to the Kingdom promotes a false timeline based on apocalyptic notions. The authors attempt to merge Catholic apocalypticism with the postmillennial teachings of Protestant “Rapture” theology. This mix has dangerous implications. This article will analyze the book’s controversial claims to determine its accuracy.

During the Middle Ages, Christians began to see signs of the End of the World everywhere. Especially at doorways, they could see Christ sitting in judgment, the jaws of hell ready to swoop down on sinners. In fact, the imagery of the End of Days became so popular, that it has become a major part of Catholic and Protestant “Rapture” theology.

A false timeline

The Countdown to the Kingdom website promotes a false timeline based on fake mysticism and the alleged arrival of the Antichrist. It has even been banned in some countries, despite its many flaws. Despite its claims, many Christians believe in the alleged imminent Illumination of the Conscience. This timeline also ignores the clear message of the Bible.

The Countdown website is a scam.

The Countdown to the Kingdom website integrates various prophecies into a chronological timeline, from the seven seals prophecy in Revelation to the Second Coming of Christ. In order to prove its validity, the website also re-posts articles from Mallett’s “The Now Word” website. The website also features several videos that discuss the timeline. The Countdown to the Kingdom timeline has many positive points, but is based on false doctrine.
fake mysticism

“Countdown to the Kingdom” promotes private revelations of so-called “seers” and a number of well-known Catholic authors have condemned it. However, these false claims do not necessarily reflect the truth. Bishop Gilles Lemay recently condemned Fr. Michel Rodrigue and other false mystics, and several prominent Catholic authors have condemned Countdown to the Kingdom. They also note that the program is hosted by well-known Catholic authors, including Mike Lewis and DW Lafferty.

Countdown to the Kingdom promotes alleged visionaries, most of whom warn of imminent chastisement. After that, the Antichrist will rule the world for a thousand years and then the “era of peace” will begin. During this time, Satan will be bound for “a thousand years” in Revelation 20:1-3. While Countdown to the Kingdom’s authors base their ideas on Fatima’s second part, they are also closely related to millenarian heresy, which was condemned by the Early Church Fathers.

Mark Mallett as a credible seer

The validity of Countdown to the Kingdom is at the heart of the debate over whether it is true or not. The Countdown series features messages from 18 Catholic seers, videos, podcasts, and written explanations of the timeline. While this may be the most compelling part of the program, it has also drawn some criticism. In this article, I hope to dispel any doubt about Mallett’s credentials as a credible seer.

The Countdown to the Kingdom is a popular and controversial new book that draws on the writings of the Early Church Fathers, apparitions, and current events to present a vision of Jesus’ imminent return. The book describes how Mallett has been convinced of the validity of the Countdown to the Kingdom, and how the author has come to have so many credible private revelations.


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