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Colourpop Animal Crossing Collection Is Gone



Recently, the Colourpop Animal Crossing collection was teased on the brand’s Instagram account, but now it’s gone. While r/AnimalCrossing user u/aloeviri managed to save the images before it was deleted, Nintendo has not commented on why the post was removed. We’ll keep you updated. If you’re a Nintendo fan, you may already have an Animal Crossing collection, but if not, you might want to start.

Video game

The ColourPop X Animal Crossing video game collection is set to debut on January 28. ColourPop has previously collaborated with Disney Princesses, the Mandalorian, and other video game brands. This latest collaboration is set to debut on the same date as the video game’s launch on Nintendo Switch. The game will feature more than 20 collectible figurines. It is anticipated that the collection will sell out quickly. However, ColourPop is a budget brand so the pricing is likely dictated by licensing fees.

ColourPop announced the news on January 15, 2021, through a tweet. It teased a short clip of their avatar, wearing a kimono and clapping with a sparkly emote. The video game’s launch is expected to coincide with the launch of ColourPop’s line of cosmetics. It is possible that the collaboration will involve more than one game, but it’s still unclear if the line will be limited to just a single theme.
Makeup collection

Nintendo and ColourPop have teamed up to create a new line of makeup inspired by the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The collaboration will consist of 11 new makeup products, including four eye shadow palettes and three tinted lip sets. There will also be two blush compacts and a glitter gel. The collection will be available at ColourPop stores worldwide starting this month. If you haven’t played the video game, you can learn more about the collection here.

The ColourPop x Animal Crossing makeup collection will feature 11 products, including two pressed powder blushes, three lip tint sets, four eyeshadow palettes, and a single glitter shadow pot. The entire collection will be available for purchase on January 28th, 2021. ColourPop products will retail for around $125 each. The collection will launch on January 28th at 10 AM PST. To buy the new collection, visit at 10:00 AM PST on January 28, 2021.


For those of you who play the Animal Crossing video game, you can now get your hands on the latest in make-up and beauty products with ColourPop’s New Horizons Collection. The game’s popularity soared with the first lockdown, and entire towns went through isolation. ColourPop has already created a range of makeup products, from lippies to nail polish, which will make playing the game more fun. Here are a few of our favourite products from the game.

The Animal Crossing video game has been around for 20 years, but only recently did the game become an even bigger sensation. The game was a popular escape during last year’s COVID-19 pandemic, and beauty brands quickly began working with the creators to create products inspired by the hit franchise. While many companies have collaborated with the developers, only a handful of them have released actual collections based on the Animal Crossing game. ColourPop’s ACNH collection will hit stores on Jan. 28 and Ulta Beauty on Feb. 14.

Nail polish

We’re all over Animal Crossing these days, so we’re very excited for the new collection of nail polishes from ColourPop! Earlier this year, we saw the launch of a collection of eye shadow palettes, pressed powder blushes, and lip tints. In 2017, we saw ColourPop branch out into nail polishes. Since then, the company has focused on skin products, but this collaboration proves that there’s still a market for themed cosmetics!

The collaboration between Nintendo and Colourpop is even more exciting than a simple nail polish. The Animal Cross x Colourpop collection features 11 new nail polishes, including a glitter gel, mattle sparkle, matte, and metallic shades. We can’t wait to try them all! If you haven’t had a chance to play Animal Cross, now’s the time to start collecting some colours! And who knows, you’ll be wearing them for years to come!


Known for its collaborations with popular video game brands, ColourPop is about to release new Animal Crossing-themed stationery. The new collection will be available on January 28. Other brands in the Animal Crossing franchise have collaborated with the brand before, including Disney Princesses and The Mandalorian. This collection features patterns from the popular game, such as dinosaurs, flowers, and tigers. You’ll find numerous types of notebooks, notepads, and desk accessories.

The new range is set to release on January 28. The company has also announced a collaboration with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game is being released in 2021, so the new collaboration is a good opportunity for ColourPop to expand its brand’s reach into new territories. Fans of both franchises will have the chance to purchase animal-themed stationery, and ColourPop has already partnered with the developer of the popular game.


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