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Black and Red Nails



A classic combination of black and red is polka dots. Whether you’re going for a classic look or an updated take on a traditional design, polka dots on black and red nails are sure to turn heads. You can do multiple designs on your nails with this simple combination. Although polka dots are typically hand painted, you can also achieve this look by using a stencil or dotting tool. Once you’ve found a design you love, try to incorporate the same color scheme on your toes.
Snakeskin nail art

Snakeskin nail art is a popular choice for red and black nails. The multi-colored design is incredibly versatile and can be used to create a variety of effects. You can use a small dotting tool like a bobby pin to make the snake tongue, and white nail polish to create the snake’s eyes. Then add white specks to complete the design. A black snake with red or white stripes is a stylish alternative to the traditional reptilian design.
Animal prints

If you’re a fan of animal prints, you’ll want to try nail art designs that feature them. This design is adorable and easy to create, and would look fantastic on any occasion. Whether you’re going to a special occasion or just want to stand out, this design is sure to grab attention. The colors of the animal prints and the base color will determine the design’s effectiveness, and there are many ways to make it unique and personal.
Feature nails

The striking combination of black and red is sure to arouse awe in others. A black and red manicure looks chic and glamorous, and a contrasting white nail makes it a standout feature. This design is versatile and can be swapped out for any other color for a totally different look. This combination will definitely turn heads and garner attention wherever you go. The only limit is your imagination! What color combination will you try?

Creating ombre-like designs with contrasting colors is not impossible, as long as you know how to do it well. The ombre design works best when the red and black are complementary colors. Using a contrasting nail color is a great way to add a splash of color to your nails. You can also use flame stickers to complement your glitter and rhinestones. This look is both cool and elegant.
Oval shape

The oval nail design is a great choice if you’d like a unique look for your hands this spring and summer. The shapes are versatile and can be used with either short or long nails. These designs can be customized with the addition of different nail art accessories. Here are some ways to create the most beautiful nails in an instant! Enjoy! Here are some examples of different oval shapes:
Oval nails

Oval nails are a timeless choice. Similar to almond nails, ovals have a slightly rounded tip. They look slimmer than round and give you plenty of room to apply nail art. Oval nails are perfect for nail artists, too, because they don’t have pointy tips and have a flattering length. This color scheme is also flattering on many nail shapes, including ovals. Whether you’re going for a classic look or an unexpected twist, oval nails are a great choice.

If you want to learn how to make snakeskin nails, you’ll probably want to watch a nail art video by Simcha Whitehill, better known as Miss Pop. Simcha demonstrates how to do the look on her blog. She dips her brush in a shade of O.P.I. nail polish, then presses the tip onto the nails. The faster you apply it, the more realistic the scales will look. You can also use a navy polish for extra scales. Then, apply a topcoat to seal the look.


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