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1970s Disco Fashion



If you love 1970s disco fashion, here are a few essential items to complete your disco outfit. Disco shoes tended to enhance the glam of your ensemble. Platform heels and stilettos were popular choices. Bianca Jagger set the fashion trend with gold leather shoes. Disco outfits also featured boyfriend’s clogs, cowboy boots, and fitted bottoms. Avoid skinny jeans and instead opt for wide-bottomed or flared jeans.


For decades, Halston was the go-to label for the disco crowd. His signature style was stripped back and body-freezing luxury. The 1970s line featured halter dresses, caftans, and acres of Ultrasuede. Even decades later, Halston continues to fascinate and influence people. Its disco-inspired designs are as popular as ever. Read on to discover the designer’s story.

The shirtdress was one of the designer’s most iconic pieces. Introduced in 1972, it was a feminized riff on men’s button-front dress shirts, and was worn with a matching fabric belt. Model No. 704 became a Halston staple and was widely copied by other designers. The pillbox hat also paved the way for Halston’s success, catapulting the designer to fame and fortune.

Diane Von Furstenberg

For fall/winter 2017, Diane von Furstenberg offered a 70s-inspired dance party. The collection included fur stoles, pussy-bow blouses, and maxi knits. Her signature wrap dress made a comeback as well. The designer is also a fan of Salvadore Dali’s art, and his paintings were featured on the designer’s runway. The Dali couch was inspired by the lips of Mae West.

The designer was born in Brussels, Belgium. She first got her start as an assistant in Paris before studying at the University of Geneva and Madrid. In 1969, Diane married Prince Egon von Furstenberg and settled in New York. She took part in the feminism movement in the early 1970s, and saw the importance of women entering the world of work. She also became part of the infamous 70s disco dance party.

Her success made her the most influential women’s fashion designer of the 1970s. She made the wrap dress, a simple but flattering garment that oozed feminist swagger. In the disco era, it was a staple of women’s wardrobes. This versatile piece was made of cotton and linen and exuded a confident femininity. The 70s disco fashion movement also made Diane von Furstenberg’s name a household word.

Oleg Cassini

This vintage 1970s Oleg Cassini by Burma disco shirt is 100% nylon and features a striking print of a baseball stadium. It is made from 100% nylon with pearly white buttons. The shirt is in excellent condition and the labels are still attached to the shirt. The print is 100% nylon and measures about 30 inches long by 30 inches wide. It also features a square hem.

Cassini, who turned his focus to designing for women in the seventies, designed hundreds of outfits for Jackie Kennedy. He pioneered styles like the A-line dress and men’s colored dress shirts. His reputation expanded to other products as well, such as custom automobile interiors. In the 1990s, he entered into a partnership with David’s Bridal, where he plans to expand his Cassini line throughout Europe.


There’s no separating men’s and women’s wear in SAMIR 70s disco fashion. The clothes were equally androgynous, with androgynous hairstyles, accessories, and silhouettes. Essentially, disco fashion was the love child of many previously segregated subcultures. It embodied the “free love” ethos of hippies, and was inspired by the freedom of the Seventies counterculture.


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