Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Will China and Russia Attack Hawaii?



After a flurry of media reports, a Russian spy ship was spotted north of Hawaii. The incident was followed by a comment from the White House. The Russian vessel has since been located. The area between Japan and Hawaii is a known battle zone for the Russian military. As a result, the US forces scrambled F-22 fighter jets to meet them. In the process, the Russians fired their missiles into Hawaii.

President Trump’s remarks came as a surprise to many, but he was hardly alone. The United States and Russia are at odds over whether or not they will attack the islands. Both nations have a strong military presence in the Pacific, and a coordinated attack against one of them could trigger global conflict. Combined bomber exercises between the two countries demonstrated the military’s interoperability and continued presence in the theater of war. Quick intercepts by U.S. and allied aircraft proved the strength of unity in the United States and its allies.

Although the United States and Russia share a common adversary, there are significant differences between their strategic interests. China and Russia have different theaters of operations and their strategic interests do not overlap. Moreover, their interests in Central Asia are secondary and can be deconflicted without the U.S. presence in Central Asia. In this way, the two powers will not be as vulnerable to an attack. The attack on Hawaii may have a significant impact on both countries’ relations with the United States.

During the Olympics, Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin met. On Feb. 24, the two leaders sat for talks in Beijing, and the following day, the Russians sent their Army to the occupied areas in Ukraine. They then launched a full-scale invasion of the Ukrainian mainland. But the two leaders are now engaged in a fierce competition to take advantage of the US. But the world is not so sure that it will ever come to that.

In addition to Hawaii, cyber warfare will likely target America’s power grid and energy infrastructure. China understands how vulnerable the power grid is in the United States. The country’s grid barely functions in cold and hot weather. The regional power company in California shuts off parts of its grid when the wind blows. But when this war escalates, it could reach other European nations. This could cause major effects in Hawaii.

The Chinese Communist forces have recently intensified their military drills around the island of Taiwan. As a result, the Japanese Foreign Minister suggested that China and Russia are coordinating military exercises in the region. The White House and the Japanese government are strengthening their tools to counter threats from China and North Korea. But, they are not saying anything publicly yet. In the meantime, they are preparing for such a war in the region.

The United States Naval and Air Force are deployed worldwide. The US Navy controls every ocean in the world. The US Navy will destroy the Russian-Chinese coalition in local waters. In addition, the United States Navy will call human beings at the Pentagon to authorize the attack. If they find the order to attack is unlawful, the navy can decline to launch. And since the commanders are retired generals, they should act ethically.

In the first five minutes, four battleships were hit, including the USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma. After the first five minutes, another wave of attacks – which included one hundred and seventy aircraft – hit the same targets. Because of the high alert level, the second wave was less successful. It did not take long for the United States to send the rest of their fleet to the Pacific for a limited engagement.

The strategic partnership between China and Russia is based on complementary and coherent strategic rationales. Anyone who had studied Russian national security documents would have understood this relationship. They would have understood that the two countries shared similar interests. The two countries are also in a war of attrition in the Pacific, and the war in Ukraine reinforced that reality. However, the Kremlin has not yet formally recognized the alliance with the U.S.


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