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Whisperers – The Walking Dead Episode 3 – Carl Grimes



Rick wakes up Carl to do some farming chores. He mentions a group of fence cleaners that need help. Carl offers to help, but Rick declines. Carl then apologizes to Rick and tries to live a normal life until he hears gunshots coming from the D Block. When Rick arrives, he orders Carl to go to the guard tower with Maggie, but the walkers are already encircling Carl.

The episode “Honor” is often referred to as the episode that killed Carl. Despite its shoddy dramatics, Carl’s death serves an important symbolic purpose for the show. It’s possible that the writers are making a grand statement about the randomness of life, and not just the gruesome deaths on the show. But the showrunner insists that the episode was not a mistake. The show’s producers have a history of making bad choices in dramatics, and they know it’s not always a good idea to kill off a sacred deer.

In the episode, Carl and Enid make their way into a lone, secluded tree. Carl compliments Enid on her knife skills and discusses the events that led up to the walker’s emergence. Enid is horrified when she realizes that the walker is about to attack, but she manages to hide in a hollow tree. When the walker comes to the area, they fight, and Carl is left with no choice but to protect Enid and her family.

The death of Carl Grimes, played by Chandler Riggs, was a huge deviation from the comics. Although his death was not entirely unexpected, it was also controversial. Because of his role in the story, Carl was the star of a upcoming Whisperers storyline. Despite the criticism, the showrunner Robert Kirkman explained that viewers cared about Carl’s death. Its fate has long since been determined, and the show has to find a way to move on.

In the third episode, Carl and his group manage to sneak through the herd of walkers to the community gate. The group scouts the area and finds two guns that are used against the walkers. While they are waiting for the guns, Carl also retrieves his mother’s picture. He hopes that Judith knows the appearance of her daughter, as she is the only one who can remember her. Carl is reunited with his family, but it is unclear what will happen to the group after Carl arrives in Alexandria.

After the prison falls, Carl’s condition is significantly shook. This likely results from the prison’s fall, his presumed death, and the decapitation of Hershel. Carl’s character is likable and relatable. The first two episodes are incredibly important to the storyline, as they will make the story interesting. Once Carl is back in the prison, he realizes that the prison has undergone massive changes.

While he seems to be a typical child at first, Carl begins to show more responsibility as the story goes on. He is one of the first teams to clean out the abandoned house of walkers, and is entrusted with many important jobs. He is responsible for protecting the baby Judith. His coldness and fearlessness makes him a potential threat to the survivors, especially when confronted with cannibals.

While watching the Scavengers’ attack on Alexandria, Carl shows some mature behavior. He no longer goes against his father’s wishes. He fights against the Scavengers after his mother reassures him that he can handle himself. Later, he is put in charge of guarding Alexandria. He orchestrates the evacuation of Alexandria during the Saviors’ bombardment. He even learns how to shoot a gun.

The Walking Dead was able to put the Carl death into perspective by forcing viewers to see it from a different perspective. The show originally planned for Carl’s death to bring a ceasefire between Rick and Negan, but that didn’t happen. Carl’s legacy may be that he saved Siddiq so that he could father a child. While there is a chance the series will explore the child and its significance, it is unlikely to happen in the first season.

While Carl has always been a loving father, Rick does not fully support him. He is a great example of a supportive and brave character. His character grew into an opportunistic person. His logical, analytical nature makes him a valuable member of the group. His optimism and maturity also show his ability to take risks. However, he is also a great role model for young men who are trying to find meaning in their lives.


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