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What Does Other Snapchatters Mean? Find Out Who is Blocking You on Snapchat



If you have ever found yourself wondering, “What does other Snapchatters mean?” you are not alone. Most people have wondered this as well. Often times, a simple test can reveal who is blocking you. Fortunately, there are some solutions to this problem. Keep reading to discover how to identify the people you are blocking and who is blocking you! And don’t worry if you don’t understand what the heck they are saying – there are ways to figure it out for yourself!

Firstly, you can see the list of Snapchatters who have viewed your story. You can also see whether they are your friends or not. If they are not on your friend list, then their name will show up in the Other Snapchatters list. If they have blocked you, then they are no longer on your list of friends. You can also see whether or not the person has unfriended you or blocked you.

The other thing to look for is that someone may have removed you from their list. If this is the case, you can verify that the person is not still your friend by looking through their chat list. If the person has been removed, their name will be gray or “Pending.” If they are still on your list, you can simply go back to their profile and block them. This will prevent you from being blocked by the person you have blocked.

If someone you want to block is showing up under “Other Snapchatters”, you should block them from your story if you don’t want them to see it. However, it’s possible to remove a Snapchat user from your friend list by clicking the Unblock button on their profile. This way, the user who blocked you won’t be able to view your story. So it’s important to delete the person from your list before sending your message.

Other Snapchatters are Snapchatters who haven’t been added to your friend list. You can’t block them, but you can see if they’ve visited your story. If you want to find out who viewed your story, you can click on their name and see their profile information. However, you may need to change your privacy settings if you want other Snapchatters to see your story. It’s not always clear what Other Snapchatters mean, so it’s helpful to know exactly who is viewing your stories before sharing them.

If you are seeing “other Snapchatters” on your Story Viewer page, you may want to check it out. Those are people you’ve blocked, removed, or aren’t yet added to Snapchat. Seeing “other Snapchatters” on your Story Viewer Page is a great way to find people you’d never otherwise be able to add. It’s easy to discover new people with the help of this feature!

If you want to block other Snapchatters, make sure you know their Snapchat IDs. This way, you’ll avoid accidentally adding them back to your list. You may not know the person, and this could vapourise the concept of “other Snapchatters.”

“Other Snapchatters” refers to people you’ve blocked and removed from your list. This list is usually quite long because it displays all the friends a user has. If a user has unfriended you, they will appear under “Other Snapchatters.” Conversely, if you have unblocked someone, they’ll show up under your list of friends. So, when someone blocks you, they’ll be listed under “Other Snapchatters”.

The first step in preventing other Snapchatters from seeing your stories is to set your privacy settings. Some people have their accounts open to anyone despite what you have set up. Make sure you check your settings and toggle it back to ‘Friends Only’ if you’re not sure. Changing this setting will prevent random Snapchat users from seeing your stories. You can then block those users whose stories you don’t want to see.

“Other Snapchatters” is an important feature in Snapchat. It allows you to see how well your Snapchat account is working – and who else has blocked you. It’s an excellent way to find out who’s blocked on your account! You can also check the status of blocked people by looking at their profiles and clicking on the chat icon. So, when you’re using the app, you’re likely to discover some new friends in no time.


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