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How Does a Narcissist React When They Can’t Control You?



How does a narcissist deal with the fact that they can’t control you? When you’re no longer the object of their affection, they’ll try to punish you in various ways. They may use your friends and family as weapons, or they may try to engulf you in a cycle of blame. Whatever you do, remember that this is all a part of their behavior.

The first reason a narcissist reacts this way is because they fear losing control. The narcissist’s ego can’t handle losing control. It’s built on perceived perfection and they believe they’re God. Hence, when they feel they’ve lost control, they play the victim card, trying to guilt you into staying with them. Once they lose control, they turn up the abuse.

Another way to deal with a narcissist when they can’t control you is by confronting them. Confronting a narcissist exposes their ego and makes it vulnerable. You can try to confront them with your own side of the story, but they may not believe you. You can try to talk to others about your situation and tell them your side of the story. They may not believe you at first, but eventually, they’ll get the idea and you can move on.

The narcissist may become violent, rage-filled, or even physically abusive, but ultimately, he/she won’t acknowledge your efforts to exert control over them. When you can’t control your narcissist, they’ll either cut you out or keep you as a future supply. If you don’t follow these basic steps, you’ll be on the road to disaster.

Narcissists have an excellent ability to manipulate the environment. They can make themselves look charming or hilarious. They can also make you feel unworthy. Moreover, they know how to play the cold and hot games. They can make you feel rejected and can even make you feel cheated on if you try to confront them. Nevertheless, they’ll still try to manipulate you and make you feel bad.

The first step in separating from a narcissist is to recognize your triggers. Most narcissists tend to accuse their partners first to avoid looking ridiculous. In domestic abuse cases, whoever accuses first wins. For example, a narcissist might dress up to make their partner jealous. But if the narcissist is not the source of the abuse, they’ll make you feel guilty or ashamed, or try to manipulate your emotions.

It’s important to recognize that the narcissist thrives when their victims are in an uproar, so the best course of action is to distance yourself from the situation. It may be helpful to refocus yourself, or try counting down or finding a ‘happy place’. Regardless of the situation, your response should be based on calmness. If you react aggressively to a narcissist, they will feel threatened.

A narcissist’s behavior will include repeatedly asking you if you still love them. During the same period, the narcissist will check where you are and even call you to see if you’re still in their presence. Eventually, this will turn into a form of control – the need to have constant approval becomes a form of control.

Narcissists are desperate for control. They’ll often throw tantrums or call you names when they’re disappointed. They may threaten their world or yours by pretending to have an emotional crisis. It’s their way of trying to make you give in to their demands. You’ll need to protect yourself if you don’t want the narcissist to destroy you.


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