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How Big Is Rod Reiss?



If you are wondering how big Rod Reiss is, you’ve come to the right place. His Titan size is double that of the Colossal Tian, and he can stand up as a Titan as well. This may be because he was given a serum that would make him twice as tall as a normal human being. However, the serum isn’t the cause of his titan size – he may have taken it after he absorbed the serum intended for Historia, another Titan.

Although he was able to reclaim his role as the Founding Titan, he became an Abnormal Titan. This titan was twice as big as the Huge Titan. Many people believe that Rod Reiss had the most powerful titan serum ever ingested, and it has now been established that the Colossus giant possesses this super-strengthy serum. It’s unclear what made him so big, but it appears that he was born to take the role of the Founding Titan.

According to the Reiss family’s history, Rod Reiss has a massive Titan form. Though his family hasn’t used it yet, their bloodline may be the reason that he was able to develop this powerful form. Armin even compared his titan form to a giant Titan from Manga. Erwin brought this up to Armin and he said it was colossal.

A huge titan’s physical strength is a result of its molecular weight. It’s possible that a Titan as massive as Rod would have the strength of a Tsar. Despite his massive size, he’s unable to stand upright once it exceeds 240 metres. The 240-metre Titan would be capable of a Tsar-Bomb-like explosion when it shifts, burning everything within a mile radius.

The Colossal Titan and the Huge Titan are the two most powerful Titans of the AoT series. Both Titans have massive bodies, but the Colossal is twice as tall. The Huge Titan is 40 meters tall and 120 meters wide, while the Colossal is sixty meters tall. Unlike the Colossal Titan, Rod Reiss’ Titan is incredibly powerful, and even a mere eight-metre tall can kill it.

The Titan was the result of an ancient war, and was enormously powerful. Due to his enormous size, he could not move at a rapid pace, and generated a lot of heat. Clouds of steam always surrounded him, and trees near him would immediately burn. He had a secret daughter, Historia, who was imprisoned and begged her father to spare humanity from the Titans.

The Titan’s power came from the royal bloodline that Reiss had inherited. This was the reason Rod Reiss married Historia, who is of royal bloodline. The Titan’s titan power was revealed at the end of season 1 when he lost control and Annie shot him with an electrical arrow. A few weeks later, Rod Reiss returned Eren’s stolen Founding Titan to his family.

However, it’s unclear what he did to become a Titan. It’s unclear whether he consumed the correct amount of Titan serum, or he might have merely become an abnormal titan. But whatever the reason, he is still significantly larger than the rest of the Titans. It’s possible that this is the case, and Rod Reiss’s Titan size is not accurate. In any case, we have no idea how big he actually is.

The Founding Titan is a powerful weapon used by the Reiss family and the old Fritz family. However, it cannot be used by members of the royal family. This ability was used by King Karl and Queen Frieda Reiss to seal Historia’s memory. They were the only two Eldians who were able to use the Founding Titan. Historia Reiss and Rod Reiss were also able to use it.

A Huge Titan was a 120-foot monster, more than twice as tall as the Colossal Titan. It was larger than a normal Titan, but it had incredible power. It could attack entire targets, and even change a planet’s shape and weather. It’s hard to imagine a Titan this big – but it sure looked cool. And now you can learn how big Rod Reiss’s Titan was once able to stand.

Reiss broke his back prior to his transformation, so he couldn’t walk, and after the titan transformation, he was unable to walk. Yammy was roughly seven feet six inches tall, so he had an advantage over Reiss. Regardless of the size of his Titan form, his size was a major asset to him in battle. However, it was a small price to pay to make him a titan.


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